Our Services

The team of SitesInCredit.com has A to Z complete production cycle: from niche analysis till the creation and promotion of the product, or its integration into the existing business construct.

In practice diversity of experts in the team gives us a serious advantage – we can see beyond the average horizons, and can produce not only tactical, but also strategic vision to the growth of your business.

Below is a short list of the things we do for businesses online.

Market Analysis

Before we start working with any business, we do the investigation about this niche – to see the current status of things and find the spots of maximum effects.

Often it becomes possible on this stage to see the rising trends on the market and catch up with them. This can be done by making a business web site rank well for new trendy keywords. Or it can used as the basis for improvements into the marketing and IT plan of the company.

Budget and Production Time: As a rule market analysis starts from $200, production time 1 week. This includes the analysis of top search trends in one niche of the client, with the local and global spotting of top trends in demand.

For customized researches and analyses, please contact out team.

Site Production

Great site is a lot about understanding what YOU – the business owner – want this site to do. We take this moment seriously and together with you get a clear vision about the site, its business objectives and instruments to be used to reach these objectives.

Based on this clear vision we create a unique design and use the site building technologies that will make the site work accordingly.

Budget and Production Time: basic turnkey sites cost $500, 1 week production. Internet shops start from $750, 2 weeks production.

Customized site production price is build through direct contact with the client. Please send a message to our team for more details.

Site Promotion

Full-forced package for quick traffic and steady long-term traffic.

For quick traffic we do contextual advertising, making sure that ad impressions and clicks convert into what YOU need.

For steady traffic we do SEO of the site (includes online PR strategies). We ethically increase the visibility and reputation of the site, so that search engines “reward” you with great ranks on the keywords for your business.

We also create custom built Internet marketing plan for the site, so that you could see exact checkpoints and what to do on the market – with our team or with your own resource.

Budget and Production Time: SEO packages start from $100, 2 days production.

Turnkey promotion packages are build from direct work with the client. Please send a message to our team and we will give you a personal assistant to tailor a promo package for you personally.

IT Solutions for Business

Technology gives us the tools to track, improve and automate business processes.

No matter what niche you are, no matter if your “IT budget” is $1,000 or $100,000 a month – there is always a way to make your business work better.

Our team gets into the details of your business and comes up with the list of tools that improve the general work flow and make your business more profitable.

Budget and Production Time: SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions for business cost from $100, 1 week production/customization time.

For more details please get in touch with our team.

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